Glitter Haven

We are so proud to announce that Nail Perfect New Zealand are now the official New Zealand supplier for Glitter Haven glitters. 

They are solvent resistant and have a huge range of colours, shapes and sizes. 
Perfect for using with anything from gel polish to encapsulating with hard gel and acrylic. 

They have a whole range of Enviro Glitter colours and sizes too for those of you who want to be kind to the environment. Enviro Glitter is biodegradable and breaks down so it's not hazardous to the environment. 

Best of all, our glitter can be used for all beauty and craft applications. 
From makeup, to body painting, to hair styling.... you can use it anywhere. 
You can use it for arts & crafts, costume making, prop making... 
The only limit is your imagination!

 Click HERE to check out our new site and to make your order!