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Fluid Medium for Nail Art (30ml)

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Fluid Medium for Nail Art (30ml)

Fluid medium is an amazing new product that works WITH your favourite acrylic paints, pigment powders and color drops to create fantastic new textures and to make your product last longer, and work more fluidly. 

  • With just a drop of medium, you can bind multiple pigment powders to create new and exciting creations. 
  • With 2-3 drops of medium you can turn your pigment powder into a creamy smooth paint you can paint on with a brush, without the mess and fuss of powders and wiping off excess - it also makes your powders last longer. 
    Used with medium, you will have less mess to clean up too! 
  • Mix pigment powder, acrylic paint and medium together to bind your pigment to your paint for metallics with attitude! 
  • Adding a drop or three of medium to your acrylic paint will make your paint last longer, flow better and the more medium you add the more transparent the effect, so you can use medium to make a standard acrylic paint, into a beautiful translucent watercolour effect. 

About Fluid Medium 

Fluid Medium performs much in the way that their name implies, they are fluid in nature and reduce viscosity of heavier paints and gels.
They tend to self-level and do not retain brushstrokes.
Fluid Mediums modify acrylic paints in a variety of ways and contain acrylic resins to maintain or enhance adhesion and durability.


  • Increase Flow
  • Dry transparent or translucent
  • Extend the volume of thin paint
Fluid Painting Medium

Texture: Fluid
Sheen: Matte
Relative Opacity: Transparent
  • Creates a matte, non-reflecting finish when added to acrylic colors.
  • Mix into any acrylic paint to increase transparency and extend color, increase matte sheen, increase film integrity, ease flow of paint and add flexibility and adhesion of paint film.
  • Mix with Liquitex Gloss Medium & Varnish to produce a semi-gloss or satin medium.
  • Opaque when wet, translucent when dry.


  • Mix 1:1 with Paint, Pigment or Color Drops to extend volume and increase translucency, while maintaining viscosity.
  • Mix 3:1 with Paint, Pigment or Color Drops to extend volume and increase translucency, while decreasing paint viscosity. 

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